5 Tips to Keep Poultry House Litter Dry

Maintaining dry poultry house litter is crucial to proper poultry litter management, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Through years of working closely with our poultry customers, we’ve learned some of the industry’s top tips.

  • Monitor Humidity Levels

Keeping an eye on your humidity levels is vital. But what is the ideal humidity level for a poultry house? We recommend maintaining an ideal relative humidity of 50-70% for your poultry house. Ensuring it remains within this range will limit caking, which can be difficult to reverse.

  • Prevent Precipitation

One of the most critical aspects of poultry house management is limiting excess moisture. Precipitation will add unwanted moisture to your litter. Prevent it from entering your house through vulnerable areas of your house, including shutters and side wall inlets.

  • Utilize Evaporate Cooling and/or Tunnel Ventilation

During warm months, keep your flock comfortable and healthy while ensuring you maintain quality litter. Use evaporative cooling and/or tunnel ventilation to help with better litter conditions and more comfortable poultry house climates.

  • Add Circulation Fans to your Poultry Ventilation Strategy

As we all know, warm air rises. In the winter months, wet, cold air can remain near the bottom of your poultry house. Circulation fans, like the JD360, will move warm air from the top of the house down toward the ground, and the warmer air will help keep your litter dry.

  • Assess Your House

Evaluate your entire house and look for any potential air leaks, drafts, or below average insulation methods. These will all cause an increase in condensation, and by extension wet, low-quality litter. Fix these issues to reduce moisture and improve litter quality.

Want to learn more about how to improve the quality of your poultry house? Improving the quality of your poultry house litter can have a direct impact on the health and productivity of your flock. We can help you make improvements and see a fast ROI. Browse our extensive line of ventilation and other poultry house equipment and if you have any questions Get in touch with us here!