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History of J&D

J&D Manufacturing was founded in 1981 in Eau Claire, WI, and has since grown alongside the world of farming while helping drive advancements throughout the industry. We are a family-owned and operated business founded on longstanding partnerships here at home and across the globe.

J&D Manufacturing was founded

New manufacturing location built

Plant 2 built

Purchased Tafco Equipment

Purchased Circle B

Purchased Pruden Ventilation

Purchased high-tech lasers

Purchased curtain machine

Became the first to have an ag-focused accredited AMCA air-test chamber on-site

Created Torque Drive Fan

Total system solutions for optimal production

J&D Manufacturing provides producers with high-performance, high-efficiency ventilation systems and comfort solutions that reduce costs, increase production, and streamline operations.


Farming has always been an essential need – a need that is greater now than ever. In a world of limited resources and a rapidly growing population, the farmer serves as a critical leader in supporting and protecting our global food supply.

As that importance has grown, so too have the ways in which we develop and cultivate our goods. From the primitive routines of centuries past to the tech-driven methods of today, we have come to demand more than ever from our agricultural fans and farming equipment in order to help growers, producers, and cultivators rise to the challenge multiplying every day around the world. It all starts with the equipment.

an employee at J&D assembling a fan in the shop


For decades, J&D Manufacturing has partnered with farmers to ensure facilities in dairy, poultry, swine, and beyond have the resources and technology they need to maximize their production. We are a family-owned and operated American-made business, joining forces with dealers and producers for generations to continue advancing the future of farming both here in the U.S. and across the globe.

Whether you’re expanding or retrofitting your facility or looking to upgrade your machinery or automation, J&D provides high-performance, high-efficiency solutions to elevate your objectives on every scale. We provide honest insights and unbiased performance data to create the best result for every barn, because our goal is the same as yours — to achieve a better future for farming.


In 2015, J&D became the first to have an accredited AMCA air test chamber added to our facility specifically for the use of testing agricultural fans. This chamber provides our customers with complete confidence in our performance numbers and allows us to get fans on the market much more quickly than our competition.

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Accredited AMCA Air Test Chamber with a 72 inch fan in it being tested. Chamber had J&D logos on it.