Barn Curtain Maintenance

Barn curtains allow the light, ventilation, and overall comfort levels to be ideal for your barn. By keeping those elements optimal and consistent, you’ll guarantee high yields and improved profits. But normal wear and tear can threaten those outcomes. Proper curtain maintenance can ensure its longevity and reduce your stress.


Annual Curtain Inspection

There are, of course, a variety of barn curtains. No matter what type you have, manual or motorized systems, or a two-tier curtain system, it’s certain that by mid-summer, your barn curtains are fully open. This is a good time to do a complete inspection. You’ll want to note any tears or holes, and if the curtain is not rolling up level and tight. This will allow time to fix any issues before the cold weather sets in.


DIY Curtain Maintenance

Small tears or holes do not necessarily mean you need a new curtain. Instead, you may first choose a DIY approach. Before you roll the curtain down for the winter, try patching the tear with fabric tape that matches the color of the curtain. We recommend doing this at the end of the summer season, instead of the beginning. When rolled up, the pressure helps to ensure that the fabric tape sticks well to the curtain.


When is it Time for a New Barn Curtain?

When you inspect the curtain prior to rolling it down for the winter, look for large holes. We do not recommend attempting fabric tape on large holes, as they can more easily falter, allowing for unwanted air exchange. If you notice large holes, we recommend talking to your local J&D dealer for a new curtain.

As you inspect the quality of the barn curtain, we also recommend testing the curtain system as a whole. Whether you have a manual or motorized system, it’s beneficial to test this as you go into cooler months. When summer comes around again, you know the barn curtain system is ready for the season.


Not sure if your curtain is in need of maintenance or replacement? Reach out to us and we can help you out!