J&D Controls Comparison Cheat Sheet

Controlling your barn’s environment has never been easier. However, with technology rapidly changing, how are you supposed to know what control will work with which products? J&D Manufacturing has numerous controls, and we’re making it a bit easier to navigate what you need to get the perfect environment for your animals and plants.

You must first begin with what you want. What do you want a control to automatically do for you?

Next, take inventory. Do you already have the equipment that you want to control? Example, barn exhaust fans – do you already own them or are you purchasing new? If you already have the equipment, you’ll need to make sure your equipment is compatible with whatever control you choose.

Don’t forget to take power voltage into consideration. Are you running single phase or three phase?

Our controls comparison cheat sheet gives you questions to think about when investing in new equipment. The sheet breaks down what different controls do and gives you ideas about what you can monitor. Are you ready to hand the reigns over to a smart control? Get peace-of-mind and let your fans and other assets be controlled by external environmental factors.

As always, J&D is here to help. We’re barn and greenhouse ventilation experts. We design ventilation packages for dairy barns, poultry houses, greenhouses, and more every single day. We have an accredited AMCA air test chamber on-site to test the performance of our fans. We run ventilation simulations to be certain our design will work and meet your needs. Talk to a ventilation expert today and start allowing mother nature to control your equipment.

Choosing Your Control