Creating the Best Fan in the World

Creating the Magnum 58” Exhaust Fan was a huge undertaking by J&D that took around one year to complete. Research, testing, optimizing, trial and error – all came into play.

First, we studied the Georgia Poultry Efficiency List. We had a goal to be the most efficient fan, with the highest performance on that list. We know all the best fans are showcased on the list, and we wanted to be number one. We studied and analyzed our current fans to have a benchmark established. What works, and what doesn’t? We also knew we wanted the Magnum 58” Exhaust Fan to have the best technology available on the market – so more research and testing was done on multiple different motors.

The first component we needed to design was the venturi. We assigned this task to one of our Product Engineers who used 3D modeling software to create this portion of the fan. Next came the design of the cone and the damper doors. We decided the Magnum fan would be 58” because we knew how much performance we wanted to get out of the fan. After running some tests at different industry standard sizes, 58” proved to be optimal.

The prop and hub are components that had to be taken into careful consideration. What material would they be made out of? What is the optimal blade pitch? How are we going to make this fan extremely quiet while still getting the airflow we needed? Many samples were created and tested in order to land on the perfect combination – a glass filled polypropylene blade with a die cast aluminum hub.

Other components including the hardware, mounting plates, guard, and motor housing all had to be researched, samples built then tested. We knew the entire fan had to be corrosion resistant with a balance of material strength and cost effectiveness to be accepted in the market. When all of the components were designed, samples were constructed, and we could assemble the first Magnum 58” Exhaust Fan, we had to analyze each part, verify the dimensions and begin rigorous testing.

The Magnum 58” Exhaust Fan has been tested multiple times at Bess Lab. It also has been tested in a certified AMCA Air Test Chamber. This was to make sure we hit our goal of having the highest performance, best energy efficiency fan in the world – and we succeeded!

The Magnum 58” Exhaust Fan will be on display for the first time ever at the International Production & Processing Expo, January 28-30, 2020 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.