Creating the Legend

Last year J&D decided to create a new line of fiberglass exhaust fans with versatility in mind. Effectively ventilating a barn throughout the whole year can be challenging because especially in the Midwest they can see 100°F temperature swing in 6 months’ time. We need big fans in the summer to move a lot of air, but we need smaller fans in the winter to exhaust stale, gas ridden air out of the facility without creating too much of a breeze. We also didn’t want to create a fan that will need a lot of scheduled maintenance. We want one fan that can do it all.

Having an AMCA accredited air test chamber on-site has helped us innovate and bring new products to market quicker while meeting our product goals. We’ve ran thousands of tests in the chamber. By doing this, we learned a lot about what design elements are crucial to fan performance. When setting out to create a versatile, maintenance-free, one that can do it all fan, we already knew the style of motor we wanted to source. We already knew the shape of the housing and the rough opening to blade diameter ratio we needed. We digitally modeled the fan in 3D, and then ran it though digital airflow simulations to see if our predictions were correct.

For the most part, they were. We made some small, final adjustments to the design before sourcing parts and raw materials. As samples of components and materials started to show up, we could build our first fan of the new line. After assembling the fan, we tested it in the chamber and were able to tell if our simulations were accurate and finally, real performance data was generated. Pitching the prop and other adjustments were made before we landed on the final version.

This is how the Legend 36” Fiberglass Exhaust Fan was created.

We’re so proud of this new fan line. The 36” model can be run from 5,000 CFM to 14,000 CFM at 0.05” SP. It has a permanent magnet motor with internal onboard driver. It is also direct drive, so there are no belts to change or pulleys to maintain. The motor’s IP-66 rating allows you to spray the fan down to remove dust and debris easily. The Legend is built to last. The fiberglass housing and the stainless-steel motor frame, prop, and hardware are all corrosion-resistant and will withstand the harshest of agricultural environments. A fan like this deserves a name to live up to it. The Legend will live up to your expectations. More Legend sizes will be available soon!