Destratification Fans in Your Space

By now, we have all heard the phrase, “heat rises.” Indeed, it is common knowledge that hot air tends to rise towards the ceiling thanks to molecule excitement and expansion. This can cause an uneven distribution of temperature, and in colder months as warm air rises, you’ll be responsible for keeping the area near the ground comfortable for your crew and your animals.

One of our favorite ways to combat this? Destratification fans.


What is a Destratification Fan?

A destratification fan, typically installed on the ceiling of an industrial or commercial building, is a powerful ventilation device. Destratification fans circulate air in a building, moving it from the ceiling to the floor, creating a more even temperature distribution. This improves the comfort of the environment throughout and provides immediate energy savings.


Finding a Comfortable Temperature

You ideally want to create a comfortable temperature within six feet of the floor in your building. But as we mentioned, hot air tends to rise higher than that, towards the ceiling, leaving the area near the floor much cooler in comparison.

As the occupied space near the floor calls for more heat, energy is being wasted. This is keeping your heater running and costing you money. Additionally, the greater the difference between the outside and inside air near your building’s ceiling, the greater the heat loss through the roof, leading to exponential energy loss and uncomfortable occupants. Enter: destratification fans.


Benefits of Destratification Fans

Destratification fans hold the required force to push air from the ceiling back toward the ground. By moving this air down and allowing it to circulate through the building, you’ll notice a more even, comfortable temperature throughout the entire space, and so will your occupants.

Another thing that will notice the change? Your wallet. Destratification fans reduce the stress put on heating systems, lower the energy usage by up to 50%, and ensure you’re up to date on the latest environmental “green” codes.

Interested in learning more about destratification fans and if they’re right for your application? Reach out to us here, and we’ll talk about saving you money and ensuring your building is energy-efficient.