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J&D Conversion Kit for the Munters Aerotech Fan
55" Direct Drive Munters Aerotech Conversion Kit
Upgrade your 55” Belt Drive Munters Aerotech Exhaust Fan to a Direct Drive. Leave housing in the wall, remove the old internal components, install the J&D conversion kit and start reaping the benefits immediately.
Super Magnum Exhaust Fan with damper doors open
Super Magnum
This fan outperforms any fan in its class size - certified at 50,002 CFM at 0.10” SP
Legend 36 Fiberglass exhaust fan for barn ventilation.
Legend Fiberglass Exhaust Fan
This fan is DIRECT DRIVE – variable speed capable with NO VFD NEEDED, and maintenance-free. With fiberglass housing and stainless-steel hardware, prop, and motor frame, the Legend 36 fiberglass exhaust fan is corrosion-resistant and designed to maximize airflow.
Poultry Ventilation Light Trap Combination System with JD-Drive
Light Trap Combination System
J&D's Light Trap Combination System is a light trap unlike anything else. Available in 36" and 55" models. Direct drive, variable speed models available with NO VFD NEEDED!
Stainless-Steel Basket Fan front view
Stainless-Steel Basket Fan
This new 20" Stainless-Steel Basket Fan by J&D Manufacturing is the ultimate choice for corrosion resistance.
Mega Direct Drive 72
Mega Direct Drive
72" Mega Direct Drive has the best performance on the market today! 55,505 CFM @0.10” SP. It is variable speed ready, and the driver is included right inside the fan.
Magnum 58 Exhaust Fan - Front view angled digitally rendered image
Magnum Exhaust Fan
The Magnum 58" throws more air than the competition. #RequestTheTest
DD Storm conversion kit
Storm Conversion Kit
Make the Change | Everything to Gain | Nothing to Maintain. Upgrade your belt drive Storm to a Direct Drive Storm today!
Direct Drive Storm Barn Exhaust Fan with New and Improved icon
Direct Drive Storm
The 55" Direct Drive Storm includes the popular JD-Drive and TurboProp for superior performance. It's variable speed with no VFD needed!
Front guard view of The Force - Positive Pressure Fan
The Force - Positive Pressure Fan
Force fresh, clean air into your barn or building instead of pulling dirty, contaminated air in through gaps and leaks in your facility.
JD360 Destratifier
JD360 Destratifier Fan
J&D’s JD360 Destratifier Fan creates low-airspeed vertical air movement providing a comfortable and uniform environment.
3-Louver AirBlaster Recirculation Fan
Great solution for retrofitting, able to be mounted in buildings with lower ceilings. Precision velocity!
Portable Galvanized Drum Fan
Galvanized Portable Drum Fan
The Galvanized Drum Fan from J&D Manufacturing is powerful and portable. With sturdy wheels, carrying handles, and cord wrap, this fan is ready to roll anywhere you need to move a high volume of air.
Front side of the PM Panel Fan with New and Improved icon on it
PM Panel Fans
J&D Manufacturing’s direct drive, variable speed PM Panel Fans are a game changer for your barn ventilation system. They are available in 50", 55", & 60".
Cone Cover on a 72
Cone Covers
J&D’s Cone Covers are an easy and inexpensive way to improve winter ventilation and protect your fans and barn from inclement weather and pests.
WM Light Dep Exhaust Fan
WM Light Dep Exhaust Fan
J&D’s WM Light Dep Exhaust Fan is a crucial piece of your house light deprivation strategy for healthy and robust production.
Shutter side of Wall Master - barn exhaust fan
Wall Master Exhaust Fan
Our Wall Master exhaust fan delivers high volume output with a heavy-duty, low-profile housing that is easy to install. Available in 36" and 50" models.
Whirl-Wind Galvanized Box Fan
Whirl-Wind Galvanized Box Fan
The Whirl-Wind is a high velocity galvanized box fan with attached hanging brackets for easy installation. Available in 24", 36", & 50" models.
twister exhaust fan heavy gauge housing
Twister Exhaust Fan
The Twister is manufactured with a heavy gauge housing and butterfly shutters that open easily on startup and spring closed when not in use to create a tight weather seal.
Typhoon Exhaust Fan With Cone
Typhoon Exhaust Fan
The J&D Typhoon Exhaust Fan is a top seller designed for exceptional performance, low maintenance, and low operating cost. Available in 24" - 50" models.
Tornado Fiberglass Exhaust Barn Fan
Tornado Fiberglass Exhaust Fan
With a fiberglass corrosion-resistant housing, the Tornado fiberglass exhaust fan is designed to reduce build-up and maximize airflow. Available in 12" - 50" models.
Storm Fiberglass Exhaust Fan
The Storm 55" fiberglass exhaust fan has a rugged aerodynamic fiberglass housing and deep poly cone for unmatched performance.
Ridge Fan on top of a barn
Ridge Fan
The Ridge Fan is an excellent choice for your roof. By encouraging air exchanges year-round, there won't be stale, moist air at the ceiling that turns into dripping condensation.
Pruden Polystainless Exhaust Fan
Pruden Polystainless Fan
Pruden Polystainless Fans with Poly Weatherhood or Cone have a stainless-steel venturi with the tightest blade tip clearance available. Available in 12" - 24" models.
Pruden Poly Pit Transition Fan
Pruden 24" Poly Pit Transition Fan
This fan features a design that incorporates the center fan body into the transition.
Mega Torque with VFD
Mega Torque with VFD
The Mega Torque is a quiet and smooth operating fan and pre-wired with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).
Mega Torque Exhaust Fan
Mega Torque
72" Mega Torque is virtually maintenance free. No Belts • No Pulleys • No Tensioners!
Poly Stormer Circulation Fan
Poly Stormer
J&D's Poly Stormer is an economical fan that provides high CFM. A hot dip galvanized bracket is included for versatile mounting options. Available in a 36" model.
Polly Chiller Circulation Fan
Poly Chiller
The Poly Chiller's unique housing draws air out for maximum performance without overloading the motor. Available in 24" and 36" models.
Mega Storm II Exhaust Fan
Mega Storm II
72" Mega Storm II has 2 high performance models which exceed 21 CFM/Watt. Improved triangle x-frame design for greater strength and durability.
Mega Storm Exhaust Fan
Mega Storm Fiberglass Exhaust Fan
Our 72" Mega Storm fiberglass exhaust fan is made to last. High Performance & High Efficiency Models Available.
Waterproof Ag Fan
Indoor/Outdoor UL507 Certified Wall, Ceiling or Pole Mount Fan
The Indoor/Outdoor POW fan from J&D is a durable, 3-speed, waterproof fan that comes pre-wired with an 8' cord for instant operation. Available in white 14" and white or black 18" models.
Indoor/Outdoor ES Shutter Fan Front and Back of Fan
Indoor/Outdoor ES Shutter Fan w/ Cord
The J&D Indoor/Outdoor ES Shutter Fan has a totally enclosed UL507 outdoor certified motor and 9' pre-wired cord for "No Electrician Required" installation. Available in 12" - 24" models.
Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
Indoor/Outdoor UL507 Certified Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
The oscillating, waterproof J&D Indoor/Outdoor UL507 Certified Fans are excellent for all your outdoor applications. Available in 24" and 30" models.
High Output Deluxe Basket Fan with Cord
High Output Deluxe Basket Fan
J&D Manufacturing's High Output Deluxe Basket Fan is one of our best valued fan series on the market. Available in 20" - 36" models.
Fiberglass Wide Guard Panel Fan
HAF Panel Fan with Wide Guard
An efficient air circulator, the wide guard HAF Panel Fan from J&D Manufacturing has BESS Lab certified performance to back it up. Available in 20" & 24" models.
Wide Guard Stir Fan
HAF Stir Fan with Wide Guard
The wide spaced guards on the HAF Stir Fans reduce buildup and allow for easy cleaning to maintain maximum efficiency. Available in 18".
Heavy-Duty Industrial Basket Fan with pull-chain
Heavy-Duty Industrial Basket Fan
J&D's Heavy-Duty Industrial Fan was designed for the demanding industrial market, making it an industry leader in air performance. Available in 20" - 30" models.
Heavy Duty Industrial Pedestal Fan
Heavy-Duty Industrial Pedestal Fan
It's our Heavy-Duty Industrial Basket Fan on a sturdy pedestal mount. Available in 20", 24", & 30" oscillating and non-oscillating models.
Green Breeze HAF Greenhouse Fan
Green Breeze HAF Fan
J&D's Green Breeze is the most versatile, energy efficient, best-valued HAF fan on the market today. Available in 12", 20", 24", and 36”.
Fiberglass Funnel Fan
Fiberglass Funnel Fan
The tapered design of the J&D Fiberglass Funnel Fan condenses air into a tight airstream. The fiberglass construction is rust-free for maximum life. Available in 16" & 20" models.
Diamond Brite Drum Fans
Diamond Brite™ Portable Drum Fan
The patented Diamond Brite™ housing on this portable drum fan gives it a rugged, yet classic good-looking finish. Available in 20" - 48" models.
ES Shutter Fan front and back
ES Shutter Fan
The versatile ES Shutter Fan includes a chrome plated OSHA approved guard, and balanced high-performance aluminum fan blade. Available in 10" - 30" models.
EZ-Breeze Greenhouse fan
EZ-Breeze HAF Basket Fan
An efficient variable speed motor and quiet blade design combine to form the EZ-Breeze HAF Fan. Available in 12" - 24" models.
Confined Space Ventilator with Tube
Confined Space Ventilator
Our positive pressure fan provides fresh air in manholes, tanks, crawl spaces, and other hard to reach areas. The lightweight flexible tubing gets the air where you need it.
Barnstormer with Gold Star Motor
The patented open-front guard makes the Barnstormer the premier basket fan on the market today. Available in 12"- 36" models.
Direct Drive Drum Fan
24" Premium Direct Drive Drum Fan
The 2-speed 24" Premium Drum Fan has a sleek black powder coated steel finish, sturdy wheels, and an attached 6'6" cord for instant operation.
Ceiling Fan indoor/outdoor rated
60" Premium Indoor/Outdoor UL507 Ceiling Fan
The 60" Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is UL/CUL certified for outdoor and agricultural use, and has passed all water spray and corrosion tests. With forward and reverse operation, it can't be beat.
Storm Torque
The 55" Storm Torque is a fiberglass exhaust fan with rugged aerodynamic housing and deep poly cone for unmatched performance.
Belt Drive Panel Fan
50", 55", & 60" Panel Fans
Multiple size and prop options for you to choose from. J&D's large panel fans are a trustworthy fan with high airflow.
Corded Circle PSC Inflation Blower
PSC Inflation Blowers & Brackets
Energy efficient PSC Inflation Blowers from J&D Manufacturing are designed to inflate double poly greenhouses for greater insulation capabilities.
24" & 36" Panel Fans
J&D Manufacturing's 24" and 36" Panel fans are one of the highest performing, lowest maintenance, greatest-valued fans on the market.