What is T5 lighting?

It is a “T” (tubular) light that is 5/8″ in diameter.

Where can I use J&D’s Electronic Lighting?

Our fixture can be used in dairy facilities, milking parlors, workshops, garages, manufacturing and warehousing facilities, offices, garages, sheds and other commercial buildings.

What are the benefits of J&D’s Electronic T5 Lighting?

J&D’s Electronic T5 Lighting has an instant start and restart, a rust-resistant fixture that is washable up to 2000 psi, durable lamps with up to 20,000 hours of life, high quality lens for durability, and high output ballast. The T5 lighting is UL approved, easy to mount, and comes with a 5 year warranty on ballast and fixture.

What is the difference between T5 and T8 lighting?

T5 lamps have many advantages over T8 lamps including a smaller fixture and better light focus. T5 lamps also have a higher output, which will reduce the number of fixtures you may need which will help save on initial startup costs. With less Mercury and phosphor, the T5 lamps are more environmentally friendly, and also run cooler than T8 lamps.

Why should I purchase J&D’s Electronic T5 Lighting over a Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium light?

Our T5 light is more energy efficient than the MH or HPS light. The T5 light has an instant start where MH/HPS are slow to come on. Also, the operating costs are less than 1/2 of the MH/HPS. The T5 lamp keeps their initial percent of lumens longer than MH and HPS. After 20,000 hours of lamp life, the T5 lamp loses less than 10% of its initial lumens, whereas the MH loses 60% and the HPS loses over 20%.

What is long day lighting? How does it benefit my dairy farm?

Long day lighting is exposing the cow to lighting for 16 – 18 hours a day with only having a dark period of 6 – 8 hours per day consistently. This has been known to increase milk production anywhere from 5 – 16%. You can learn more about long day lighting by visiting the University of Illinois and Wisconsin websites.

Are there any energy rebates available for lighting fixtures?

J&D carries many energy efficient products that may be eligible for rebates, tax credits or incentives at local or state levels. For assistance with this, please contact your local utility company or statewide energy program.