How a Barn Fan is Made at J&D

We all know how important air circulation barn fans are to cow comfort and health, but have you ever wondered how one of these barn fans are made? We’re taking you behind the scenes of our process, showing you how we design and manufacture the cornerstone of barn comfort systems, from shutter fans to panel fans, and the classic big dairy fan.


Engineers Design New Fan Prototypes

Our engineers design barn ventilation fans that make your herd healthier and your life easier. Throughout the design process of new barn fan prototypes, our number one objective is to level up the common barn fan, leading to savings in time, money, energy, and stress.


Lasers Cut the Sheet of Metal

Following a thorough design process, the barn ventilation fan goes into production. Lasers perfectly cut the sheet of metal to form the appropriate size and shape of the fan blades and frame. At J&D Manufacturing, much care goes into this step, ensuring each metal piece is cut perfectly and consistently.


The Fan Frame Goes on the Roll Forming Spinner

In this step, the barn fan frame is smoothed and formed into a three-dimensional circular shape. Our process emphasizes quality and uniformity, ensuring there are no chips or knicks as a result of the roll forming spinner.


A Break Press Bends the Sides of the Frame

As the final touch to the fan frame, a break press bends the sides. In this step, the fan frame is solidified, ensuring you’ll have no issues with it once it’s in use.


The Pieces of the Fan are Put Together

Here, the fan starts to really take shape. All pieces from the previously outlined steps are carefully assembled according to the engineers’ design.


Belts, Pulleys, and Motors are Attached

After the air circulation fan is assembled, the additional pieces are carefully and meticulously put together. Belts, pulleys, motors, and all small but mighty details are attached to the fan for an efficient, innovative solution for barns of all sizes.


Every New Fan Prototype is Tested

Before being sent out, each and every fan goes through a rigorous testing process. Our top goal is to make your life easier, which means equipping you with top-notch, reliable systems that are tested and true.


Fans are Packaged Carefully for Transport

The final step in our process – each fan is carefully packaged and prepared for transport to your farm, where it will revolutionize your environmental control in your barn.


Questions about how we manufacture our barn fans or where you can learn more about them? Visit us here!