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AMCA Accredited Air Test Chamber


Our state-of-the-art Air Test Chamber was the first agricultural focused testing facility in the United States with AMCA accreditation. AMCA is an international non-profit association of the world’s manufacturers of fans and related components with a mission to advance the health, growth and integrity of the air movement and control industry. “We are extremely proud of our AMCA Accreditation," said J&D President, Tracy Trippler. "This allows us to continue to better serve our customers and build the best product line in the market.” J&D Manufacturing’s Air Test Chamber will allow for more efficient development and testing of prototypes, and will ensure that performance ratings are as reliable and accurate as possible.
"Zach has been very helpful and knowledgeable in setting up our ventilation system to keep our barn at the ideal environment to achieve the best cow comfort possible. We are very satisfied with our J&D ventilation system."
Featured Projects
Riverview, LLP – Swenoda Dairy
"Swenoda Dairy in Benson, MN has installed almost 400 72" Mega Torque fans. They prefer Mega Torque fans due to low maintenance. They also use a custom three tier curtain system to provide the correct size inlet, which is always important for every ventilation system. Thank you for your business, Riverview, LLP - Swenoda Dairy!"
Featured Projects
Carlson Dairy
"Carlson Dairy has installed a J&D Total System Solution. Mega Storm II and 55" Storm Exhaust Fans have been installed to provide the best performance in circulation and air quality. These have been paired with our adjustable twin beam freestall system, and our headlocks. Carlson Dairy also has adjustable loops and square tube slant bar feed panels. Thank you for your business, Carlson Dairy!"
Featured Projects
West Exum Farms
"West Exum Farms, located in Dalhart, TX has purchased 320 Storm Torque fans for their cross-ventilated dairy. Installed by Quality Dairy Construction, these fans help keep 8,000 cows cool, healthy, and producing. Thank you for your business, West Exum Farms, through your local J&D dealer, Quality Dairy Construction."
Featured Projects
Arrowhead Farms
"Arrowhead Farms, located in Chippewa Falls, WI has installed a J&D Total System. Products include the Adjustable Twin Beam Suspended Freestall System with loops, Double Dome mattress, headlocks for cows, heifers, and calves, Steel Make-a-Gate, Steel Make-a-Fence, Tube Ventilation System, 72" Mega Storm fans, LED Lighting, Curtains, and more! Thank you for your business, Arrowhead Farms through your local J&D dealer, Lindstrom Equipment. "

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