J&D Manufacturing launches the AIRBLASTER with PRECISION VELOCITY that will cut fan energy usage by up to 75%

J&D Manufacturing’s AirBlaster will pay for itself in just months from energy savings alone. Dairies are buying double the number of fans they need so they can run the fans at a slower speed and see the thrust CFM/Watt reach near 100.

EAU CLAIRE, WI; October 26, 2020 – J&D Manufacturing launches the AirBlaster, a 58” recirculation fan that suspends from the ceiling by chains. The permanent magnet direct drive motor is what allows this fan to throw precise velocity. “It’s important to know how much velocity you need, because any excess air velocity is simply wasting energy. Excess air velocity at the cow level doesn’t provide increased production benefits” said Kirk Brincks, VP of Sales. “UW Madison states anything over 6.5 MPH doesn’t translate to better production”.

Knowing this, a dairy can operate different fan groups. Each fan group can run at different speeds, which allows you to dial in the airspeed at the cow level while capturing extremely high efficiency. Recirculation fans in a series creates accumulated velocity with each fan in the direction of the airflow. Understanding how much velocity you need, and understanding the accumulation of velocity in an air stream will allow you complete, consistent, and precise environmental control. These fans paired with the Pulse Control will allow a dairy to dial in the perfect airspeed for any temperature or condition. The fan will throw a precise amount of air velocity consistently, for no excess or wasted CFMs. The investment will pay for itself in electricity savings and improved production.  

Other benefits of the AirBlaster include the maintenance free operation. No belts, pulleys nor tensioners appear on this fan. No greasing the motor, nor bearings. It’s variable speed and provides precise and uniform speed control. The fan’s louvers allow you to direct the air to the exact direction desired for the most even air distribution possible. Two models are available, unidirectional and bidirectional. The AirBlaster comes individually boxed, and 80 fans can fit on one truck, making it extremely freight efficient for its size. Save money without sacrificing your environment with J&D’s AirBlaster and enjoy Precision Velocity.

J&D Manufacturing is a family owned and operated company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. J&D Manufacturing partners with producers and dealers worldwide to provide high-quality ventilation and comfort solutions and to help play an integral role in supporting the world’s food supply.