J&D Manufacturing Launches The Force – Positive Pressure Fan

J&D Manufacturing launches The Force, a positive pressure fan that gives producers greater control over static pressure

EAU CLAIRE, WI; June 7, 2021 – J&D Manufacturing launches The Force – Positive Pressure Fan, a 58” fan that is designed specifically to force air into a barn or building instead of exhausting the air out. “Positive pressure ventilation can be used in numerous applications”, says Kirk Brincks, VP of Sales and Marketing for J&D Manufacturing. “The Force is a great fan to use in a dairy parlor. It will bring fresh air into the parlor, rather than dusty contaminated air from the holding area, and the outside as we see with negative pressure ventilation setups.”

Another perfect use for The Force – Positive Pressure Fan is for filtered facilities in swine and poultry houses. Positive pressure reduces the risk of unfiltered air bypassing filter media because leaks in the facility leak filtered air out of seams and gaps rather than pulling unfiltered air into the facility.   

Made from corrosion resistant poly, The Force – Positive Pressure Fan comes with a heavy-duty actuated shutter. The linear actuator opens out, even in strong headwinds. When the fans are off, wind can not open the shutter, so minimal snow, wind, and rain will infiltrate the building. The shutter louvers are reinforced aluminum with rubber gasketed edge to keep the weather out.

To make this fan extra impressive, it features the popular, JD-Drive, a permanent magnet, direct-drive, maintenance-free, variable speed motor. The driver is internal, so no VFD is needed. The fans become more efficient at slower speeds, saving energy while providing precisely the airflow needed. The heavy-duty TurboProp increases performance and provides extra strength. Anything that comes in contact with the TurboProp will lose.

The Force – Positive Pressure Fan is a fan unlike any. A producer will enjoy the maintenance-free motor, and having greater control over static pressure. When you pair The Force with a smart environmental control, such as the Pulse, you can create a completely customizable environment.

A family owned and operated company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin; J&D Manufacturing partners with dealers and producers worldwide to provide high-quality ventilation and comfort solutions. An inventory heavy company, J&D helps play an integral role in supporting the world’s food supply.