J&D Manufacturing Ramps Up Poultry Ventilation Product Offering

J&D Manufacturing is thrilled to announce our system integrator status with TPI – Polytechnics (TPI). TPI is a global leader in polyurethane ventilation components. J&D Manufacturing will now be one of three system integrators of TPI’s in the United States. TPI designs and manufactures primarily wall and ceiling inlets. Their experience with the concept of insulation has helped them create a unique polyurethane formula that gives their products very high insulation values. No matter where a farm is located geographically, TPI has an inlet designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. Winter ventilation, otherwise known as minimum ventilation, has proven difficult for many inlet manufacturers. TPI’s bi-directional Aeron wall inlet has taken winter ventilation head on and is quickly becoming a game changer in minimum ventilation in the poultry market.

Much like J&D Manufacturing, TPI values animal wellbeing. TPI’s quality product is a great addition to J&D’s product line. J&D now has access to sell these impressive inlets that will work well with any ventilation system. When pairing TPI inlets with J&D’s fans and other ventilation components, we will design not only a system that will meet and exceed your expectations, but we will also do it with high quality products that are made to last. Our initial product offering will focus on poultry ventilation wall inlets. We will also offer ceiling inlets that is typically used in the poultry and hog markets. Inlets are arguably more important than the fans themselves. Without the proper amount of air coming in, exhaust fans can’t blow the air out. This can starve the fans. Quality inlets are such an important piece to the ventilation system as a whole. TPI wall and ceiling inlets are the perfect addition to your poultry ventilation system.

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