Permanent Magnet Motor Fans are Gaining Relevance in the Dairy Industry; Are PM Motors Really a Game Changer?

It’s no secret or surprise that the dairy market has been down in recent years. With the plummeting price of milk, difficulty of finding laborers, and other milk substitutes such as Almond ‘Milk’ gaining traction, how are dairy farmers suppose to survive? With so much working against them, they need to make sure their equipment is high performing, energy efficient, and price effective.

EAU CLAIRE, WI – January 6, 2020 – As J&D Manufacturing prepares to introduce its newest recirculation fan that comes with a permanent magnet motor, recent studies show consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of ‘greener’ technology that provides the performance producers need while decreasing energy consumption.

Although many producers are concerned with the purchase price of new equipment, the cost of operating new equipment is also a big concern. The cost for energy, but also the cost in maintaining equipment is a huge expense on a dairy farm. When equipment doesn’t work properly, especially equipment like ventilation fans and cooling tanks, livestock and profit are at risk.

The new 60” Permanent Magnet (PM) Panel Fan by J&D Manufacturing has an impressive IP65 rated motor. The motor produces and emits less heat, and is cool to the touch. It’s highly efficient, quiet, and will not interfere with RFID. The internal motor drive has soft starts, and is variable speed. This allows for precise and uniform speed control. This impressive fan maintains efficiency even when run at low speeds. Constant torque is supplied to the propeller. Single phase and 3-phase models available. Producers will save time and money with no belts to change, no pulleys to maintain, no greasing motor, bearings, or gearbox. There are no additional moving parts other than the motor for zero maintenance!

J&D set out to design a recirculation fan that would appeal to dairy producers on all levels. Maintenance and hassle have been removed. The PM motor’s soft start and variable speed capabilities increases the longevity of the fan, while throwing a lot of air all at energy efficient prices. To answer the question, PM motors really are game changers.