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Gate Wheels

Product Description:
J&D Gate Wheels reduce stress on hinges and posts, and eliminate sag on the Steel Make-A-Gates. The wheels are made with tough, rust-resistant, galvanized steel with a 6" heavy-duty plastic wheel, and they fit 1-5/8”, 1.9”, and 2” round or square tube gates.


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Key Features:

  • Must be mounted at height needed
  • Reduces stress on hinges and posts
  • Eliminates gate sag
  • Tough rust-resistant galvanized steel
  • Smooth rolling 6” heavy-duty plastic wheel
  • Fits 1-5/8”, 1.9”, and 2” round or square tube gates


  • Dairy

Product Downloads:

Product Information
Part - Details
Gate Wheels
HG60 Standard Gate Wheel kit
Part #
Gate Wheels
Standard Gate Wheel kit

Product Details:

Part # Details
Gate Wheels
HG60 Standard Gate Wheel kit

Product Details:

Part # Details
Gate Wheels
HG60 Standard Gate Wheel kit


J&D Manufacturing has a wide variety of stall applications for your dairy facility:
Adjustable Twin Beam Suspended Free Stall Systems for
  • Ironside Loops
  • Relax Fit  Loops
  • Dog Bone Loops
Single Post Free Stall Systems for
  • Ironside Loops
  • Relax Fit Loops
Post-less Free Stall Systems
The only difference between the two systems is the Ironside Stall is 34″ OC and the Relax Fit Stall is 38″ OC. Both the Ironside Free Stall System and the Relax Fit Free Stall system use our flexible weld-free clamp system, allowing you to easily adjust the height for proper positioning for your cows. Both systems are also available with our heavy duty 7 gauge 2 7/8″ high hot dipped galvanized up posts with easy bolt-on or cement-on options.
J&D Manufacturing stocks thousands of stalls in various sizes and can also custom make any size you are looking for.
The J&D Post-less FreeStall system requires less hardware, provides increased headroom, and reduces air restrictions and animal injuries. The biggest benefit of this system is being able to install it after the cement is poured. With no concern for post placement, the Post-less system is a perfect solution to retrofit your barn or building. The quick and easy installation also offers a large labor savings.
J&D Manufacturing’s standard sizes on the Post-less FreeStall System are 6′, 6’6″, 7′, 7’6″, 8′ and 8’6″. Other sizes are available upon special order.
The Suspended FreeStall Systems are mounted to pair of 3″ x 3″ galvanized rectangular tubes which are secured to the building posts or support posts where needed.
The J&D Suspended Free Stall System offers big labor savings on concrete and installation as all concrete work can be done without obstructions. There are no stall mounts to be anchored to the concrete. The stalls stay high and dry, resulting in longer life. This system allows for easy adjustable spacing and more cow comfort area. The Suspended Free Stall System uses J&D’s standard Ironside, Relax Fit, or Dog Bone loops, which are available in a wide variety of sizes.