J&D Radiant Heating by SRP

A radiant heater warms objects much like the sun warms the earth, using infrared energy. Objects that are in the path of the infrared energy are warmed, then those objects warm up the surrounding air. Radiant heating is perfect for calf barns, hospital barns, and milking parlors. No walls or partitions are needed to contain heat. Ventilation will not be interfered with. Just install and reap the benefits of efficient heating.
  • JDALTX models use patented technology that eliminates hot spots for maximum comfort of penned animals
  • Reduce crowding and improve growth rates
  • LP or natural gas models
  • Low clearances above reflector assures it is safe for plastic drop ceilings and feed lines
  • Unique specially engineered deep multifaceted aluminum reflector ensures that 100% of infrared rays are directed to the floor level
  • Single stage models offer 80,000 to 150,000 BTUs
  • Two stage models offer 60,000 to 100,000 BTUs
  • Best reliability in harsh environments
  • Anti-corrosion construction
  • High efficiency