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MicroCool Fogging Systems

Product Description:
J&D Manufacturing has partnered with MicroCool, a leading provider of fogging systems. MicroCool has over 40 years of experience with fogging, which aligns perfectly with J&D’s 40+ years of experience in ventilation and animal comfort. The greatest benefit of partnering with MicroCool is giving access to their smart high pressure fogging and evaporative cooling product lines to our agriculture and horticulture customers. MicroCool’s impressive and smart fogging products will be the perfect match to J&D’s high quality ventilation products. Together, we will increase your cooling capabilities which will help increase your production. J&D Manufacturing is your exclusive source of MicroCool products to the dairy, hog, and poultry markets.


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Key Features:

  • Variable speed pump – don’t forget your control!
  • Zone fogging
  • Stainless-Steel OR Flex ROC (Rapid Orientation Collar) lines
  • 360° nozzles – precision fogging!
  • USA designed and assembled
  • Different systems available for every facility size!
  • Pair with new or existing J&D HPF fan attachments


  • Dairy
  • Poultry
  • Swine