Ridge Fans: The Right Fans to Put on Roofs

Have you ever walked into a foggy barn? Hot air rises up and lingers towards the top of the barn, then condenses, then can even fall in the form of droplets right inside the barn. When does this most commonly happen? When it’s cold outside. When temperatures cool, you aren’t running the ventilation system at full capacity. That means the air exchange rate has slowed down. The ventilation system is only exhausting stale, gas-infused air out, and it’s not trying to keep livestock cooler. Body heat from livestock rises, condenses, and turns into tiny droplets that fall. When it’s freezing cold, those water droplets will freeze on the barn floor and other surfaces, making it more probable livestock will slip and fall. It’s not an ideal situation. What’s the solution? Ridge fans.

Ridge fans are exhaust fans that go on the roof of the barn. Ridge fans take the warm air that lingers at the top of the barn and exhausts it outside. This creates a slight negative pressure that then draws fresh air into the barn – but not too much to create a cool draft on livestock. This takes care of air condensing and creating fog in the barn. Because of this, Ridge fans can be wonderful in the winter, especially in northern states with freezing temperatures.

Ridge fans can also be great in the summer. Who doesn’t want to exhaust hot air out of the barn and invite fresh air into the barn, especially in the summer? Naturally ventilated tunnel barns will benefit the most from Ridge fans during the summer. Without the aid of exhaust fans in the wall, having a little help pushing the warm, trapped air out of the roof will be a big difference in the barn’s environment.

As more cows across the country are ‘moooving’ inside, understanding how to ventilate different styles of barns in different geographical locations becomes increasingly important. J&D knows barn ventilation, and we want to be your go-to ventilation experts. Do your customers have ventilation issues un-related to foggy barns? We have solutions. Reach out to your territory manager today to get free recommendations on how to fix any barn ventilation issue.


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