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To be the leader in agriculture ventilation has always been a goal of J&D Manufacturing. We’re extremely proud of our Air Movement Control Association (AMCA) accredited air test chamber. This highly-technical, scientific instrument allows us the ability to design, test, and manufacture fans that perform as designed and advertised. It also means we can efficiently develop and test prototypes to ensure performance ratings are reliable, accurate, and repeatable. J&D was the first company in the United States to have an AMCA accredited air test chamber used exclusively for the agriculture market.

Providing accurate performance data is extremely important to J&D Manufacturing. Today, an agriculture fan is part of an integrated system designed to control an environment. Animals obviously cannot survive without air and proper ventilation. When fan performance data isn’t accurate and verified, your animals’ health and wellbeing is at risk, which in turn means your livelihood is at stake. J&D is a fan company. Because of this, we always test and re-test our fans so we can create the best barn ventilation system for your needs.


How the air chamber works

When an exhaust fan is installed in a barn and power is applied, the fan draws air out of the building and creates a vacuum that is measured as static pressure (SP). At J&D Manufacturing, our test chamber creates the static pressure conditions a fan would see in real life applications.

There are four main components to the air chamber: the intake chamber, settling means, nozzle wall, and final chamber. The air enters through the intake chamber. It then goes through the first settling means which is a series of screens that reduces air turbulence and creates an even flow. Air passes through the nozzle wall, which is a gauge for measuring the airflow through the fan in test. The air then hits the second settling means and enters the final chamber and exits through the fan in test. This test chamber accurately and repeatably measures fan airflow performance in cubic feet per minute, fan efficiency in cubic feet per minute per watt, and all aspects of the electric power to the fan at any static pressure.

Air Test Chamber at J&D


What does this mean for you?

When a fan is installed in a building and power is applied, the fan draws air out of the structure and creates a vacuum that is measured in static pressure. Our test chamber creates the pressurized conditions our fans would experience in your facility, so you can trust with 100% confidence that you’ll receive a fan that performs to your exact specifications every single time.