The Importance of Backup Thermostats

Catastrophes happen. When one happens in our industry, the entire community comes together and wants to understand why and how so we can do our best to preventing a repeat event. As technology advances, making our jobs more manageable, we need to understand we are still susceptible to failures and catastrophic events. What would happen if the main climate control in a dairy stopped working? There are many reasons this could happen, such as lighting, power surges, physical destruction, intentional damage, operator errors, pest damage and more – and all of these things are not unusual in animal agriculture. Especially in warmer months this could spell disaster. Exhaust fans would shut off and shutters would close. Recirculation fans wouldn’t turn on. The heat and noxious gases would build up inside the barn with no adequate way to escape. Heat stress, suffocation and even explosions could be the result of the main control not functioning properly. So what can we do about it?

Build in redundancy to your climate-controlled facilities. Something as simple as a backup thermostat could save your entire livelihood. A well-designed backup thermostat program requires considering many factors such as animal type, production phase, age and weight, ventilation and heating components, and control types. Backup thermostats that override the main control regardless of the signal being sent to the ventilation or heating components when the set point is hit could mean all the difference when disaster strikes. It’s best to work with a ventilation expert to assure your system can operate effectively if the main climate control fails. Whether it is to save your animals from heat stress, suffocation threat, chilling in the winter, or noxious gases; having backup thermostats is excellent insurance.

There are multiple different types of backup thermostats available. Each is specifically designed to work with the components of the heating and ventilation systems used. It’s not a case of one size fits all. When pairing a backup thermostat with one of J&D’s JD-Drive Fans, we recommend the VCB0010VS. It’s rugged, yet simple and is compatible with 0-10v and 4/20mA analog signals.

J&D wants to work with you and your customers to come up with the best and most safe solutions to climate control. The last thing we want to see is another farm catastrophe. Let’s be proactive and work together now so your customers have the peace-of-mind they deserve.