This Year we Celebrate 40 Years

2021 marks 40 years J&D Manufacturing has been in business. In 1981, brothers Jerry and Don began bending tie stalls for the family farm with a pipe bender that’s original purpose was to bend a roll cage for Jerry’s racecar. As word spread about these stalls, farmers around the area wanted them. The next thing we knew, J&D Manufacturing was open for business. In our four decades we have partnered with dealers and producers around the world to help drive advancements throughout the agriculture industry. Cow comfort was how we got our start, but ventilation quickly became our expertise. Through the years we built our 124,000 square foot manufacturing facility, built an additional warehouse, purchased other companies in the industry, invested in our manufacturing equipment technology, designed and constructed our own AMCA Air Test Chamber and entered additional markets beyond animal agriculture. Now we are growing again and expanding our facility another 24,000+ square feet to increase our manufacturing and shipping capabilities.

J&D has stayed in business for the past 40 years by living and breathing our core values.  We thrive on innovation; in 2020 alone, we have brought to market five different products. We’re a private, family owned and operated company with American values that is customer focused. We listen to our customers and develop products that provide real solutions. Our employees communicate with dealers and producers encompassing teamwork at a level that is un-matched in the industry. We strive for excellence by providing accurate and proven performance data on our products; because we know lives depend on our ventilation calculations. Our strong work ethic and our long-term business partnerships showcase our integrity and relevance in the market. That is how we’ve stayed in business for 40 years, and that is how we plan to stay in business for 40 more.

Happy 40th Business Anniversary, J&D Manufacturing.